Lack of data

Pakistan has the most suffocating air quality conditions around the globe, and Lahore is consistently among the top 10 worst. Lahore has crossed more than 24 times the daily safe amount of particulate matter as per the US Air Quality Index (AQI). The AQI is an indicator of air quality. In addition, its measurement is determined by the US Environmental Protection Agency considers the quality of air in cities to be acceptable if it falls under fifty.

Lahore’s air quality is impacted by photochemical smog. It is a kind of smog that’s especially bad in winter. The city’s air is filled with the same amount of particulate matter and sulfur dioxide all year round. Furthermore, the city’s burning of crops contributes a lot to air pollution.

Lack of Monitoring

The air pollution in Lahore, Pakistan, is an enormous problem for its inhabitants, which count to more than 11 million. Lahore is a victim to congenital disabilities and deaths and is plagued by poor air quality, which causes many health issues. In early 2017, data that could be used to make decisions was published on the effects of air pollution, and the sensors for citizens began monitoring particles of fine material (PM2.5) in the air. This information shocked the general people and turned air quality in Lahore, the city, into a topic within the press. The city also undergoes fluctuations in weather conditions that can cause pollutants to remain in the air for a longer period.

Despite these issues, the authorities in Lahore have been working to improve air quality and lower pollution levels. The highest court in the city has recently directed the closing of all factories that release smoke into the air. The court also ordered action against individuals involved in burning crop residues. Court has threatened to bring charges against police officers who do not comply with the smog emergency.

The insanity of the problem

Although the air pollution in Lahore is poor throughout the year, it gets too dangerous between December and January. Air quality is intricately tied to wind, temperature, rain, and humidity. Only the monsoon season prevents the formation of pollutants but the air quality of Lahore is still somewhat poor.

Despite repeated requests from concerned citizens and help, the authorities in Lahore are still unable to take action. They have not released reliable information and did not declare the quality of the air crisis as a public health emergency in the most critical times. To tackle the issue, the citizens have created independent monitoring stations. They have hired lawyers to ensure reliable data is released and that officials declare health emergencies for the entire public. 


On January 25 2022, Lahore’s High Court’s Green Bench delivered its judgment on the climate issue. The ruling sets the stage for a comprehensive plan of action to fight the air pollution affecting Lahore and the nation. If we don’t act now, it will be costly for the country in the coming years.

The town of Lahore is plagued by the smog of toxic pollutants that make visibility difficult and compromise drivers’ safety. It can also cause grave health problems, including breathing problems and heart issues. It poses a significant risk to people’s health and their right to live.

Health Hazard

Recent studies have revealed that air pollution poses an important health risk for residents of Lahore, Pakistan, the largest city in the country and second in size. Lahore has seen an increase of 61% in atmospheric aerosol optical thickness in the winter months. The effect of air pollution is linked to numerous health illnesses, including coronary artery disease and pulmonary disease.

In the aftermath, the administration of Lahore has adopted a new smog policy to tackle the danger. This includes increasing the utilization of low-sulfur fuels, reducing vehicle emissions, controlling waste combustion, and establishing forests. In addition, the government is distributing public health advisories during days with high smog levels.

Indifference to the Smog

Within Lahore, Pakistan, the pollution has become so severe that it is rated as one of the worst anywhere in the globe. This has reached the stage where residents have begun an initiative to take action from the state. It has called for the administration to fund the monitoring of air quality equipment to better monitor air quality. Its Planning and Development Department has committed to purchasing the equipment next week.

The city is afflicted by the high level of air pollution all year round, but it is particularly harmful in January and December. The air quality will be affected by various environmental conditions, including temperature, wind, rain, and relative humidity. Even though the city generates enough pollution all year to keep the air healthy, The monsoon season helps cleanse the air and make it safer for the citizens.

Indifference to issues in winter

The air quality index of Lahore is at or above 300, and at times, it can reach up to 440. The most harmful times of pollution that the city suffers are when patients suffer and even die. Children aren’t able to develop normally due to the pollution that is in the air. The local authorities even were forced to close certain schools during winter months to safeguard children from the negative impacts of pollutants in the air.

Monitoring stations for air quality weren’t functioning as they should during winter due to inadequate funds and capacities. But, the government has taken measures to improve the air quality in the city. The government has established an air quality monitor and incorporate the information into the index of the city’s air quality that is regularly updated and posted to the Environmental Protection Department website. Additionally, Khan has held meetings with brick kiln owners and has been able to get the decision to suspend brick-making operations over two months.

Precautions to Be Taken When Dealing With Smog in Lahore 2022

You can take some actions to reduce pollution’s impact on your health. For instance, you should avoid being outdoors when you can. If you must leave the house, it is best to go to air-conditioned areas. Also, avoid the use of hair sprays and candles that smell. These products can trigger respiratory problems.

Keeping indoors

As the second-largest city in Pakistan, Lahore is notorious for its air pollution. Lahore has faced severe smog issues since the year 2017. This year, Lahore residents have experienced severe health issues and increased accidents. There are, however, ways to tackle the issue of smog and safeguard your loved ones and your family.

In November, the hospitals in Lahore noticed a rise in patients suffering from breathing issues. Some hospitals claimed that up to 40% of patients in an emergency had respiratory problems. According to a study published in the fall of last year, 121,301 people die yearly in Lahore because of breathing-related diseases caused by pollution. But, this number is less than the number of deaths occurring in Pakistan because of terror.

The study also showed that the pollution from the air harmed the health of workers from many jobs. Although drivers were the most affected group, workers from other sectors, like construction workers and workers who earn a daily wage, are also affected by the pollution. Poor air quality affected crop yields, which lowered their efficiency.

The air pollution in Lahore is mostly the result of obsolete industrial practices and automobile emissions. The city’s cold winter climate permits the particles to stay in the air for longer. The resultant air pollution can cause respiratory issues and poor visibility.

Avoiding candles that smell

The air quality in Lahore has been steadily declining over the last few years. Many factors contribute to this, including the emission of vehicles and coal burning in brick ovens. Furthermore, burning plants along both sides of the border Indian the other side contributes to the smog issue in Lahore.

Additionally, it has increased admissions to hospitals for respiratory ailments. The Lahore Children’s Hospital doctors have noted an increase in patients coming in to receive treatment amid the smog.

Wear Mask

If you’ve been within the town for longer than a couple of years, you’ve probably observed that the winters in Lahore are notoriously hazy and have low visibility. The air that is circulating in the city is also heavily polluted. The city was listed as the worst in the world regarding air pollution. 

The air quality in the city was so poor that Lahore High Court ordered the shutdown of all factories that emit smoke. Additionally, it acted against the people responsible for burning crop residues. It also threatened to prosecute those who did not comply with this SMOG emergency.

The health impacts of smog can be many. There is a good chance that 18,000 deaths occur in Pakistan every year as a result of pollution from the air. The long-term effects of smog aren’t identified. But, health issues and accidents are quite common in cities.

Many precautions are available to minimize the risk of exposure to smog. In addition to wearing a face-protective eye mask, you must drink plenty of fluids. As the authorities are looking for strategies to fight the smog issue, you can assist by taking precautions. Keeping away from areas prone to traffic and working outdoors in the shade will help reduce the risk of exposure to smog. Also, try to avoid driving and smoking outdoors if you can.


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