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Shah Rukh Khan starrer ‘Pathaan’ made headlines as the movie released it’s video song ‘Besharam Rang’ on YouTube. In the song’s opener, Spanish lyrics are set to music with Deepika diving into a swimming pool, wearing a gold monokini, and then emerging from the pool. Actor Shah Rukh Khan then makes his way to the beach wearing a beach-wear shirt as well as a fedora. When the lyrics begin with the loss of one’s heart to someone, and the world not being aware of the “Besharam Rang,” she dances. In everything, Shah Rukh is smiling while he watches.

Shortly after the pair have joined Deepika dancing on the floor that appears to be in a cottage by the sea, Shah Rukh strips off to reveal his toned physique. The dance moves to a beautiful beach, in which Shah Rukh and Deepika break out in a dance with the rhythm of drums.

Boycott Pathaan trending on twitter

SRK is Back on Big Screen

Shah Rukh Khan is back on the big screen after four years of Pathaan. Siddharth Aanand’s action-thriller also stars John Abraham. On the 25th of January 2023, the film set to release in theaters. Alongside Hindi, it will be released on the screens of Tamil as well as Telugu.

Mixed Reception from Fans 

Indian Netizens from India have begun the “Boycott Pathan” trend on Twitter. The film that stars Shah Rukh Khan & Deepika has the song “Besharam Rang’. In one scene of the song, SRK holds Deepika from behind as she wears a saffron-colored swimsuit. Extremely hardcore Indian fans are slamming the act as a violation of their cultural codes of color since Saffron is considered to be a sacred symbol. However, on the other hand, they critique SRK on his most recent trip to Mecca as a Muslim. On his trip to Red Sea Film Festival held in Saudi Arab, SRK performed ‘Umrah’ as part of sacred Muslim pilgrimage.

Pathan track Besharam Rang made people talk when it was released online. From the appearance of Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone to the dancing moves performed, Besharam Rang has drawn different reactions from the audience across the globe. However, the song appears to have already been entangled in the middle of a debate. Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra has demanded that the creators of Pathaan to modify the music’s visuals and costumes used in the song since he found it offensive.

Although it garnered reviews due to the “sensual” relationship between the two stars, it also angered a lot of viewers for its steamy photos and vulgarity.

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With the sort of celebrity and tradition that Padukone and Khan have, fans were disappointed to discover the extent to which “low Bollywood is stooping” as well as the “sheer rubbish” that the song contained.

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“Deepika has been in over 30 films. SRK is the”superstar” who has a long career of three decades in Bollywood. If they continue to use this method to sell their film, it says to the current state of Bollywood and the sheer amount of garbage they make. This is ridiculous,” they wrote on Twitter. Pathetic,” they wrote on Twitter.

A fan also said they’d prefer to watch Khan make use of his wealth to develop “meaningful storylines” rather than “sell an imitation of Hollywood.” It was written, “All that I’ve seen is Deepika helping her elderly friend in selling a film that is a copycat of numerous Hollywood thrillers. It’s a bit sad to see SRK create a series of blatantly bad films even though he has the resources and money to make more compelling stories.

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