Veteran Pakistani Actress Saba Faisal took to Instagram late Tuesday night and issued a statement on Instagram Video about her personal life and the issues circulating regarding her relationship with her son and daughter-in-law.

The Habs star said in a three-minute video that she is no longer in contact with her son Salman Faisal and his wife of four years, Neha Salman, due to irreconcilable disagreements. There were rumours of problems between Saba and Neha on social media for months.

In the video, Saba introduced herself by saying, “There’s an important reason why I’m filming this video at this hour. “I’ve never let my dirty laundry hang out like this before. I am, nonetheless, compelled to talk about my private concerns in public. Anyone criticizing me in response to Neha’s tweet should know that when a person as unpleasant as Neha joins the family, the family breaks down.”

Faisal added, “I have been living a very difficult life for the last four years. I was worried about my son and wondered how he would live his whole life with a woman like Neha. I won’t get into details but the severity of the situation could be understood that I have resorted to making a video about it.”

The Sangat actress suggested, “We kept quiet about it because if we say anything, it goes viral. I just want to announce that we have no link with Neha. If my son, Salman, wishes to stay with his wife, our family has no association with him as well. If he believes his wife can bring about comfort and honour in his life here and hereafter, he can be with her but we have severed ties with Salman.”

Teary-eyed Saba Faisal requested her followers not to pick sides and jump to conclusions, the Habs star said, “You can’t judge us on such comments. I am not asking you to decide without listening to the other side of the story nor am I holding anyone accountable. I am only saying Salman can live with his wife if he wishes, but we have decided to part ways with him as a family.”

For starters, the 64-year-old actress’ son Salman, who is also part of the showbiz industry, is married to social media influencer Neha Malik.

Before this, the tension escalated 4 years ago right after a few months of her son’s marriage. There were reports of the couple’s separation all over. However, they reconciled and are now parents to a baby boy. Although the families let bygones be bygones, the damage was done and their relationship was strained irreparably.

This has now led The Dil-e-Momin actress to address recent speculations about her family and her relationship with Neha Malik. Although Faisal remained tight-lipped about Salman and Neha, not giving many details, her message was clear that her husband, daughter and son Arsalan Faisal — has nothing to do with Neha and Salman anymore.

The actress also got support from her showbiz fraternity. However, the netizens have mixed reactions and are more in support of her daughter-in-law, Neha Malik.


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