Hollywood actor Tom Cruise is set to increase the level of his next film, which will likely be shot in space. The “Top Gun: Maverick” star has no interest in space filming since he’ll perform a variety of “out of the norm” actions in space produced by Universal Studios in collaboration with NASA and Elon Musk‘s SpaceX.

A representative of Universal (Chairperson) said in a discussion about the yet-to-be-announced film, “We have an exciting project in the works with Tom Cruise.”. We do consider him taking a spacecraft toward the Space Station. Space Station. “And hopefully he will become the first civilian to do a space walk outside of the International Space Station,” Langley stated.

The role which the Hollywood actress will play was, “He will play a poor, down-on-his-luck person who is in position of being the sole person with the power to save Earth. ” Director Doug Liman of The Bourne Identity “fame ” is enlisted to oversee the venture.

It is essential to mention that unlike what had been said, most of the action that will happen in the film will be filmed on Earth, not in scenes starring Tom Cruise.


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