The global economy post pandemic has been through lots of highs and lows. With inflation going on around every corner of the world along with the downfall of employability, it has been a roller coaster ever since. But, some economies of the world have thrived through that and some have emerged even stronger than before like India. In light of this, we have provided a list of the top 10 economies of the world FY 2022. This is based on the most recent data from the World Bank. 

  1. United States of America 

Capital: Washington D.C

Area: 9.834 million km²

Population: 335,258,117 or 335 million (Approx)

The United States of America is the topmost country with the highest GDP of $ 26 trillion as per the reports. The USA contributes around 24.1 % of the total GDP of the world. 

  1. China

Capital: Beijing

Area: 9.597 million km²

Population: 1,451,523,352 or 1.45 billion (Approx)

China comes second in terms of economy with a nominal GDP of $ 21.8 trillion. It contributes to nearly 20% of the world’s GDP.

  1. Japan

Capital: Tokyo

Area: 377,975 km²

Population:  125,631,209 or 125 million (Approx)

Japan comes as the third largest economy in the world that accounts for 4.8% of the world’s GDP and has a nominal GDP of 5.29 trillion dollars.

  1. Germany

Capital: Berlin

Area: 357,588 km²

Population: 84,370,487 or 84 million (Approx) 

Germany has the fourth largest economy with nominal GDP of 4.56 trillion dollars. It has a 4.1% share of the world’s GDP.

  1. India

Capital: New Delhi

Area: 3.287 million km²

Population: 1,597,342,354,426 or 1.59 billion (Approx)

India now boasts the fifth-largest economy in the world, surpassing the United Kingdom, and it contributes 3.5% of global GDP. In 2022, India’s nominal GDP will be 3.8 trillion dollars.

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  1. United Kingdom

Capital: London

Area: 243,610 km²

Population: 68,667,820 or 68 million (Approx)

After India overtook the UK in 2022, the UK is presently the world’s sixth-largest economy. With a nominal GDP of 3.687 trillion dollars, the UK accounts for 3.3% of global GDP.

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  1. France 

Capital: Paris

Area:  547,557 km²

Population: 65,590,115 or 65 million (Approx)

With a nominal GDP of 3.086 trillion dollars and a percentage of the global GDP of 2.80%, France is the seventh-largest economy in the world.

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  1. Canada 

Capital: Ottawa

Area: 9,879,750 km²

Population: 38,654,738 or 38 million (Approx)

The eighth-biggest economy in the world, Canada is one of the largest nations on the planet. The nominal GDP of Canada is 2.362 trillion dollars, and its contribution to the global GDP is 2.01%.

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  1. Italy 

Capital: Rome

Area: 301,340 km²

Population: 60,266,989 or 60 million (Approx)

According to the most recent assessment, Italy, one of the world’s powerhouse economies, is ranked ninth. With a nominal GDP of $2.169 trillion, it accounts for 2% of global GDP.

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  1. Brazil

Capital: Brasília

Area: 8,515,767 km²

Population: 215,868,143 or 215 million(Approx)

Brazil is the last nation on the list of the top 10 economies in the world, with a nominal GDP of $1.980 trillion. It makes up 1.8% of the global GDP.

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