Weddings are one of the most significant events in an individual’s life, and people often plan them for months, if not years, to make them memorable. Everything is taken care of, from selecting the venue to the guest list. One of the essential aspects of a wedding is the attire worn by the bride and groom.

Pakistani actress Ushna Shah, known for her roles in hit TV dramas like “Alif Allah Aur Insaan” and “Bashar Momin,” tied the knot. However, her wedding attire caused a stir on social media, with many criticizing her for wearing an Indian dress on her big day.

Ushna Shah opted for a red and gold lehenga choli, a traditional Indian bridal dress, for her wedding. She paired it with heavy jewelry and a sleek hairdo, making her look stunning. However, many of her fans and followers were not pleased with her choice of dress.

The criticism mostly centered around the idea that Ushna Shah should have worn a Pakistani dress instead of an Indian one, given that she is a Pakistani actress. Some even accused her of promoting Indian culture instead of Pakistani, which didn’t go well with them.

It’s worth noting that Pakistani and Indian dresses share similarities in design and style. Both countries have a rich heritage of traditional clothing, and it’s not uncommon for people to wear clothes inspired by the other country’s culture. Therefore, criticizing someone for wearing a particular dress on their wedding day seems unfair, especially when it’s not offensive.

Ushna Shah responded to the criticism by saying that she chose the dress because she liked it and that her wedding day was about her and her husband, not pleasing others. She also emphasized that a Pakistani designer designed the dress and that she felt beautiful in it.

Ushna Shah slams those who criticized her for wearing an Indian-style red lehenga for her wedding.

Weddings are a significant event in anyone’s life, and everyone wants to make it memorable. Everything needs to be perfect, from choosing the perfect venue to selecting the best attire. However, when it comes to celebrities, their every move is scrutinized, and even their wedding attire is not exempt from criticism.

Pakistani actor Ushna Shah recently tied the knot and wore a stunning red and gold lehenga choli, a traditional Indian bridal dress. However, some of her fans and followers criticized her for choosing an Indian dress instead of a Pakistani one.

In response to the criticism, Ushna Shah took to social media and slammed those who questioned her choice of attire. She said it’s disappointing to see people criticizing her for wearing a dress that makes her happy on her wedding day. She also emphasized that her wedding day was about her and her husband; they should be free to wear what they want.

Ushna Shah further explained that a Pakistani designer designed the dress and that it’s a common practice in the fashion industry to be inspired by other cultures. She also mentioned that she received a lot of compliments from people who appreciated her choice of attire.

The actor’s response to the criticism was lauded by many, who praised her for standing up for herself and not letting others dictate her choices. They also appreciated her for promoting inclusivity and cultural diversity.

It’s important to note that Pakistani and Indian cultures share many similarities, and their traditional dresses have many commonalities. It’s not uncommon for people to wear clothes inspired by other countries’ cultures; there’s nothing wrong with that. Criticizing someone for their attire on their wedding day is unnecessary and insensitive.

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