The highly-anticipated Pakistan Super League (PSL) Season 8 anthem was recently released, with popular artists Asim Azhar, Shae Gill, and Faris Shafi collaborating in singing the song “Sab Sitare Hamarey.” As always, the anthem has elicited mixed reactions on social media. This year’s PSL anthem, “Sab Sitare Hamarey,” The song has received mixed reactions on social media, with some fans praising its upbeat tempo and others feeling that it does not live up to the standards of previous PSL anthems. Despite the mixed reactions, the PSL anthem remains an eagerly awaited part of the league and sets the tone for the tournament.

Remembering Naseebo Lal:

This year, fans remembered not only the PSL songs of Ali Zafar but also that of singer Naseebo Lal. Naseebo Lal’s performance of the PSL Season 6 song ‘Groove Meera’ with Young Stunners Aima Baig was criticized when it was first released. However, surprisingly, many people who previously criticized the song are now praising it.

Ali Zafar’s PSL Anthems:

On the other hand, many social media users rated singer Ali Zafar’s songs from the first three seasons of PSL as the best. The Pakistani singer-songwriter provided the anthems for the PSL seasons 1, 2, and 3, and his songs continue to be popular among fans.


In conclusion, the PSL anthem of Season 8 has reignited the debate over the best PSL songs, with fans nostalgic about Naseebo Lal and Ali Zafar’s contributions. Whether you prefer soulful ballads or upbeat anthems, the PSL songs have become integral to the T20 cricket league’s culture.


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