Washington – When Ishaq Dar arrived in America for the IMF and World Bank annual meetings, he held a series of talks with powerful people. In the words of the Ministry of Finance, Ishaq Dar attended meetings with IMF and US representatives in Washington in Washington, where the financial and bilateral issues were discussed. The Federal Minister of Finance Ishaq Daq met with the Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Antoinette Sayeh, in Washington, where problems with Pakistan and the International Monetary Fund were reviewed.

In a Thursday, Washington DC discussion, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar briefed the Deputy Director of the IMF on the key indicators of Pakistan’s economy, sustainable growth, and the measures that need to be taken to boost the economy. He also spoke to the IMF’s Antoinette Sayeh, the IMF’s chief economist, about the recent flooding in Pakistan and its harm to the economic system.

Then, he met World Bank President David Malpass in the delegation, during which the situation with floods within Pakistan came up along with other topics. Earlier, Federal Minister of Finance and Revenue, Senator Ishaq Dar, met the US Secretary of the Treasury, Consul for International Affairs, David Lipton. Masood Khan, the Pakistani Ambassador to the US, was also in attendance.

The meeting discussed investment, finance, trade, as well as economic and trade relations with Pakistan as well as America. The Finance Minister briefed David Lipton about the damage caused by the recent rainfall and flooding in Pakistan and stated that the government was taking every effort to repair the infrastructure in flood-affected areas and help the affected.

Additionally, the Finance Minister informed them of government initiatives to address sustainable growth and economic challenges.


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