PTI Chairperson Imran Khan filed a bail application in a court case registered by the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act. A judge ordered Imran Khan to submit a guarantee bond of Rs.1 lakh. According to the court, it will present its arguments during the following hearing, regardless of whether or not it is competent. We have been involved in the investigation, and the question of jurisdiction still remains.

Judge Raja Asif Mehmood remarked that certain provisions in the FIR are subject to our jurisdiction while some aren’t under our jurisdiction. The judge said that if the case rules are enforced on behalf of a government employee, the judge said that we are in authority. However, if not due to the actions of a government official and we are not government servants, then we do not have the authority.

In the complaint, the FIA was alleged to have filed the case in haste and in breach of its authority. The case was brought based on an Election Commission report contested by the High Court while the Election Commission report contradicts the evidence. Imran Khan’s political opponents have a secret motive for filing the case against him, according to the petitioner. According to the petitioner, FIA filed the case to defame the leader of a major political group that is malicious.

The petition demanded pre-arrest bail to be approved in the instance approved by FIA on the 6th of October, while interim bail is granted until confirmation of the pre-arrest bail.


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