When planning and furnishing different kinds of spaces, the ceiling is a place that’s often forgotten. However, there are a few extremely inventive ways to utilize the ceiling, such as for hanging plants. This tactic is particularly helpful if you have limited space and want to be able to add some greenery to the space. Anyone may do it with the aid of some simple equipment and supplies by hanging plants from the ceiling, which is not a difficult task.

No one wants to see his ceiling dull, we always prefer some greenery or some beautiful addition in our home’s ceiling. To make your ceiling beautiful use these easy DIY tips to hang your plants.

1. Choose Which Plant You’d Like To Hang

Before you start, decide what kind of plant you’d like hanging from your ceiling – we went with a Boston fern (as it has such lovely, dense foliage), but hanging plants like the ever-popular Devil’s Ivy or cute String of Pearls look just as good. You’ll also need to pick a pot and hanger (if you’re not making your own). You can get this at any nearest mart.

2. Sort Out Your Screws

A spring toggle hook set is the ideal tool for securing your hanger to the ceiling. Before screwing the hook into the roof, you should first attach your washer to it so that it sits flush against the plasterboard. Take hold of your spring toggle, set it on the top of the hook, and then rotate it clockwise while rotating the toggle’s “legs” downward. These toggles are excellent because, after being inserted through your ceiling hole, they will spring out. They are capable of supporting up to 10 kg of weight and grab onto the plasterboard to prevent your hook from popping out. However, you don’t want to overload them; if you’re unsure, weigh your pot and hanger beforehand.

3. Drill the Hole

Take some eye protection glasses or something and drill your hole once you’ve decided where you want your plant to hang. Don’t drill too close to neighboring walls because you don’t want your pot to smash against them. Decide where you want your pot to hang before installing the spring toggle because it won’t come out after it’s installed.

4. Put the Hook In

Grab a stepladder and ascend to insert your spring toggle into the newly drilled hole. Once it has sprung out, you will hear a click; jiggle your hook slightly to ensure that it is truly secure. You’re ready to hang when you pull and twist your hook up until the washer is flush with the roof and then draw down one more to double-check.

5. Hang your plant!

You’re ready to go once your hook is in place! A hanging planter can be pre-purchased, then presto! You now possess a unique statement plant.

How Simple was that? Get beautiful plants and decorate your home’s selling by yourself.


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