According to the Finance Ministry, the meeting examined the country’s highest retail price and supply of paracetamol. This debate has been rising for a very long time. The meeting also examined ways to ensure an efficient supply and accessibility of paracetamol in the market at an affordable cost.

The minister of finance was informed that the rising cost of imports in pharmaceutical raw substances and rising production costs are causing the supply of essential drugs on the market.

Pharmaceutical companies demanded a substantial price increase for paracetamol-based products to compensate for the shortage.

The ministry stated that to address the issue of paracetamol shortage and assist local producers, the finance minister discussed with all stakeholders in depth.

The pharmaceutical industry agreed to lower prices for paracetamol-based products to counter the price they demanded. In parallel, the ministry announced that pharmaceutical companies had begun producing paracetamol derivatives. The gathering was also attended by Tariq Bajwa, the special advisor for the premier for finance.

Following the in-depth meeting of the executives of pharmaceutical companies along with federal minister of Finance Ishaq Dar, the announcement issued from the Ministry of Finance stated that the cost of Paracetamol had been discussed by company officials and at the time of the meeting tablets of Paracetamol normal costs 2.35 rupees. 2.35. We have agreed to sell it.

In the announcement, there was an agreement to increase the cost of paracetamol syrup and extra. It has been approved by the government a portion of the request to increase the price of paracetamol syrup and extra and has also approved the increase in the price of paracetamol tablets to 2.75 rupees. 2.75, and the cost of paracetamol syrup was determined to be the price of 117.60.


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