Burgers and fries are great drive-through fast food we can get while on the go, but you know what’s an even better alternative to these, that’s also the best comfort food? Pizza! And glad to say Lahoris love pizza. Whether for a movie night or just friends going out for a quick bite here’s our recommendation for the best pizza places in Lahore!

This article will help you to find the best place for pizza.

Broadway Pizza

If you decide to try Broadway Pizza, you are in for a delectable treat. They are well known for their cheesy pizzas, but they also have delectable appetizers that are well worth trying. You may have a lot more than just pizzas at Broadway Pizza, such as oven-baked sandwiches, pasta, and even calzones. The variety of sauces you may order with your slices at Broadway Pizza is the best part—they offer so much flavour and enjoyment!

Jalal Sons

Since Jalal Sons’ traditional pizza is loaded with cheese and baked crumbs along the edges of the pizza crust, it is also referred to as a substitute for Pizza Hut. It is perfect for anyone seeking for a pizza that is affordable and doesn’t have any extra toppings. Our elders would adore this pizza because it is the type of pizza that Pakistanis typically think of. Jalal Sons is among the top locations to have pizza in Lahore because of its reasonable costs.


Local pizzeria NY212 has been rather well-known throughout the years due to the outstanding quality and freshness of its pizzas. The beautiful thing is that NY212 has locations all around Lahore, whether it is in Johar Town, M.M. Alam Road, or DHA, so no matter where you are, you can quickly grab a taste of their mouthwatering pizzas!

Papa John’s

In 2019, the Lahore location of the popular pizza restaurant Papa John’s opened, and customers have been raving about it ever since. You won’t regret it if you taste their Tuscan Six Cheese Pizza because it’s the tastiest pizza in Lahore and is on the cheesy side.

Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s is loved in Lahore the same way it is loved all over the world: love is all in the crust! There are several popular pizzas at Domino’s in Lahore, however we recommend trying their Tex Mex with Double Melt Premium dough. You’ll quickly fall in love with it thanks to the cheesy crust.

Check out the list of some easy to go pizza places; go and choose the best one!


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