This red-colored Ganoderma grows only on decaying hardwood trees in Europe and parts of China. There are about 80 species of Ganoderma in the Ganodermataceae family, including many tropical species. Traditionally, they are used in Asian medicines due to their high genetic diversity. Due to its double-walled basidiospore, Ganoderma can be distinguished from other polypores.

Anticancer effect

It will help reduce the effects of transplanted animal tumors, mouse sarcoma, and liver cancer. According to research, the inhibition rate is as high as 79.6 percent after a month of administering. Additionally, ethanol extract can slow the growth of many cancer cells. What’s more, even a tiny amount of one milligram can assist in the elimination of cervical cancer cells, gastric cancer cells, and different types of cancer cells.


The powder could trigger macrophage phagocytosis. Additionally, it has high immunity to glucocorticoids. The water extract may increase the beta-glucuronidase activity as well as acid phosphatase.

It could also enhance the serum agglutination process and the phagocytosis of liver fat. Furthermore, the removal of this extract could be a source of growth and the rate of transformation in mice’s spleen. Furthermore, research on mice has concluded that this extract could improve the immunity of these animals.

liver protection

Ganoderma Lucidum spores can help protect the function of the liver. It can do this by defending the liver from the harm caused by D-galactosamine. In a test, cells showed punctate necrosis and inflammation. On the other hand, mice treated with the powder did not suffer liver injury.

Effects of hypolipidemia

The administration of this powder orally showed no impact on total cholesterol or triglyceride concentrations in the mouse. However, it can aid in reducing triglyceride and total cholesterol levels in hyperlipidemia mice. Following the administration of 1-5g in this powder, TG and TCHO dropped to 52.5 percent. In comparison to clofibrate effectiveness of this product is greater.

Hypoglycemic impact

The extract of ethanol has an effect that is therapeutic and preventive on mice suffering from diabetes that is caused by the alloxan. According to the experts, GLSE can help prevent the beta cells from being damaged by alloxan and enhance beta cells’ function in mice.

In normal rodents, GLSE may also increase hyperglycemia caused by glucose and adrenaline. Additionally, it may enhance the tolerance to glucose in mice suffering from diabetes. GLSE may help control glycogen decomposition. Additionally, it could help keep mice hydrated longer. Therefore, it can assist in the reduction of symptoms in mice.

Anti-hypoxia abilities

Following administering GLSE in rats, the survival rate increased significantly in anaerobic environments. In addition, the effect depends on the dose administered. According to speculations, the powder could increase the HB and RBC content and oxygen levels in mice.

We have listed the six principal advantages of Ganoderma Lucidum powder for spores. If you’d like to reap these benefits, seek advice from an expert before using this product.


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