A study has revealed that certain kinds of proteins within the body can trigger ailments and life-threatening illnesses.

Swedish scientists have researched 4000 people continuously over the last 22 years and found that the prevalence of developing diabetes has been reported as 76% while the incidence of cancer or the likelihood of being diagnosed with it is 43%.

Experts have already reported that prostaglandins can be found in epithelial cells of the body’s skin and raise the chance of diabetes. If progesterone and diabetes rise, the chance of cancer death also increases.

However, experts have also examined the effects of age, sex and obesity, diet habits, and other aspects and concluded that high levels of prostaglandin protein are extremely detrimental. In Sweden, the study began around 1993, and specialists conducted it at the University of Lund.

A new cause of cancer and diabetes has been discovered. Professor Gunnar Engstrom of the study says that by looking into the proteins discovered during the research, we could better understand and be able to treat diabetes and cancer.

On the other hand, it has been established between diabetes and various types of cancers like breast cancer and colon cancer. Diabetes can increase the risk of pancreatic or liver cancers. The relationship is still to be investigated further.


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