A home is a lot more than just four walls and a ceiling. One of the most exciting accomplishments is owning a home. And typically, at the top of the list is taking care of home maintenance. So, you can perform some straightforward repairs on your own if you have a few necessary tools in your toolbox. Being a master of all crafts, yourself can also help you save money, as repair professionals frequently charge high fees.

The following are the basic instruments that everyone should keep in their toolbox:

  1. Set of manual screwdrivers

One of the most often used household tools is a manual screwdriver, which can be used for a variety of activities, including tightening cabinet knobs, removing light switch covers, and assembling furniture. However, there are many screw heads and sizes, so purchase a set with a range of blade tips and sizes.

  1. Flexible wrenches

Want to tighten some nuts or fix a leaky faucet? To the rescue, wrenches. With the help of an adjustable wrench, you can repair nuts and bolts of various sizes.

  1. Level A

Home improvement tasks can be made very simple by Level A. It eliminates the element of guesswork in alignment and makes hanging objects on walls simple. Use a level the next time you’re unsure whether the picture frame is hanging straight.

  1. Claw hammer

The claw hammer is the ideal tool for both demolition and simple construction. This hammer has a flat side (excellent for nailing wood) and a side with a V-shaped, claw-like construction for pulling nails out of the surface.

  1. Caulking Gun

Caulking is the technique of filling in gaps and fractures in different types of pipework and buildings. In addition to controlling water infiltration, caulking can reduce noise and offer thermal insulation. Only parts that are tidy and dry should be caulked.

  1. Measurement Tape

After you move in, it may seem irrelevant, but trust us when we say it is crucial. A lockable measuring tape comes in handy for practically all DIY and maintenance tasks. A 16-foot measuring tape is sufficient for the majority of project tasks, but a 25-foot measuring tape is also an option for quick room measures. In a pinch, you miht use a measuring app on your phone. Although not all phones have accurate measurement capabilities, the feature is increasingly popular in gadgets.

  1. Plunger

One of the most annoying home issues you’ll encounter is a clogged sink or toilet. But if you have a plunger handy, you can generally fix these plumbing problems rather quickly. The ideal situation is to have two plungers, one for the toilet and one for the sink.


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