If you’re a beginner when it comes to DIY projects, it may still be a job that can cause clutter and possibly even some damage (though hopefully nothing that a little filler can’t cure). Some people have a passion for decorating their walls with unique and lovely frames.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re unsure whether you can hang a picture simply with nails, when you need to use special fixings, or whether you’re seeking for a simple method to hang a picture straight. Here are some short DIY instructions and advice to help you start personalizing your house and make hanging a picture frame simple.

1. Think about the wall’s surface

You’re in luck if the wall you’re working on is constructed of drywall; it’s the most straightforward material to work with because it is so simple to penetrate. Just be careful to find a wall stud because a sturdy anchor won’t be provided by hanging straight on drywall. When hanging pictures, it’s crucial to utilize a drywall anchor if a firm stud is not accessible.

2. Select the hanging hardware

D-rings, sawtooth hangers, and wire are just a few of the hardware options available, as you may have seen if you’ve ever looked at the back of a picture frame. Even some frames offer multiple choices. Which one ought you to pick then? The gist of the response is: It depends on which approach you feel most at ease with.

3. Calculate your desired height

Remember this information to measure your height accurately: Eye level is roughly 57 to 60 inches above the floor. You’ll need to do a little bit of algebra to get it just perfect because the middle of the painting should sit at this height. Our GHI insider advice is to multiply the height of the frame by two, minus the distance from the hardware to the top of the frame, and then add 60.

4. Verify that it is completely level

Mark the wall with a pencil after determining the height at which you’ll hang your image. Use a level to make sure the marks are at the same height if you’re using a wire or more than one hook, advises Rothman. Feel free to make the room appear straighter if it slopes.

5. Lastly, hang your frame

Finally, you may hang your frame on the wall. Once firmly fastened to the wall, use a level once more, making any required adjustments to make sure everything is precise.

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How to Hang a Picture frame – DIY

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To perfectly decorate your wall with picture frames, you should know how to hang pictures on your wall.

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