The NFT world is vast. This industry has become more popular, with more projects is develop and launch daily.

Moving forward, let’s find the real meaning of the word NFT. NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, which means to be something that’s 100% unique or rare, has an identity and has only One owner in the entire world. On the other hand, a fungible token has an identity or is dividable and traded as a currency.

The First Known NFT named “Quantum” was Sold for approx. $4 on May 3, 2014. The digital artist Kevin McCoy and Anil Dash minted this NFT, and It was nothing more than a short clip of McCoy’s Wife. This NFT was Minted on the Namecoin blockchain and became famous in 2015.

There are many different types of NFT projects that you can invest in, but here we will explore some of the most popular ones:

NFT Platforms

NFTs are the new asset class. They’re a way to share or trade digital assets, becoming more popular with artists, collectors, and investors alike. NFTs can be use in many different ways:

Digital art 

You can buy or sell original artwork from an artist as an NFT (non-fungible token). If you like their work, you’ll be able to own it forever without worrying about it. How much it costs, or whether anyone else wants it? And if not? Well, that’s fine too! Because this kind of stuff doesn’t have any intrinsic value outside its creator’s brain. It only exists because someone cares enough about what they do artfully enough that they want others’ opinions on it! So while there may not always be demand for everything, there will always be demand for something beautiful enough worth buying into its existence.

Gaming and Collectibles

Gaming NFTs are the most profitable NFT projects, as they have a big market. The gaming and collectibles industry is one of the largest markets in the world. It is estimate to there are over 2 billion gamers worldwide (and growing).

NFTs can represent digital assets on digital platforms such as video games, social media platforms, and web browsers. In addition, they allow users to trade or sell their digital assets using unique identifiers instead of real-world currency like USD or EURO coins.


NFTs are a new type of digital asset. They’re non-fungible tokens, representing an actual item or concept rather than just another kind of cryptocurrency. The most common form of NFTs is as collectibles: digital images or sounds that can be bought and sold on platforms like Cryptokitties and Rare Pepe Cards.

But what about art? Is there any way to make money selling art online? Well yes! But it requires some work before you start selling your creations online. And even after you’ve done all the work required to start making money from selling NFTs through these platforms. 

News and Social Media

Social media is a big part of our lives. It’s where we go to get news, share our opinions and connect with others. The same can be for NFTs, which have become an essential part of the crypto-verse.

NFTs reward users for posting content online; they may also use as incentives for interacting with an article or video on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter; or even by rewarding people who share information about you or your project!

NFTs have become a mainstay of the crypto-verse and are use in many different ways. 


NFTs have the potential to be used in education. For example, they can be applied to teaching students about blockchain, its working, and its history.

NFT is a Trending profitable business

NFT is a profitable business this year. The NFT market is growing at an exponential rate, and as we have seen in other industries like music and art, artists can make more money from their work if they sell it on the blockchain.

NFTs are also great for gamers because they can collect them into games or virtual reality worlds where you can take ownership of your character.

Here are the top 5 NFTs platforms that lend you profit and trends to give new business ways


CryptoKitties is a game where you can buy, sell and breed digital cats. It was launched in 2017 by Canadian studio Axiom Zen, creating the famous game Hobo. CryptoKitties aims to collect as many rare kitties as possible while keeping your herd from getting too big or too small.

The first version of CryptoKitties had no rules other than that each player could only have one kitten at a time, and it had to be born through an egg that would hatch into a random creature based on its genes. Some players could get lucky by breeding their pets with others’ eggs—but most couldn’t!


NBA TOP SHOT is a basketball-themed NFT game that allows players to buy and sell NBA players and teams. The game is based on the NBA 2019 game, so it has the same features as trading, auctioning, and more.

If you are looking for great deals on NFT items, this game will help you!


OpenSea is a peer-to-peer marketplace for digital collectibles. Founded in 2018, it has over 1 million users and over 1000+ NFTs on its platform. The platform uses Ethereum blockchain technology to allow buyers and sellers to interact directly through smart contracts.

It is the most prominent and latest Web 3.0 Marketplace where you can create, sell or buy the collatable NFTs and also attend the auction.


Decentraland is a virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to create, experience, and monetize content and applications entirely new ways.

The world of Decentraland is owned by its inhabitants, and anyone can create or purchase land using MANA (the in-game cryptocurrency). Users can then build anything on their land as well as earn MANA from the creation of content or apps that are hosted on your parcel of land.


dGoods is a platform for selling and trading digital goods. However, The dGoods platform is an Ethereum-based NFT marketplace where users can buy or sell their NFT items in exchange for cryptocurrency.

dGoods has a built-in wallet that allows you to hold your crypto assets offline while also providing you with access to third-party wallets like Parity or Metamask, which can use on the web.

The NFT world is vast

Its value lies in its uniqueness, and you can own one of these tokens only if you have the right to do so. Check out some of the most popular NFT projects on Etheremon, CryptoKitties, Tendermint Token, and others.

To Summarize 

NFT has become a highly profitable business. There are many promising projects in the market, but we believe Decentraland is the best. It has a fantastic community and a solid technical team, which will help you earn money with this platform in 2018.


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