Nothing is more loyal and loving than a pet that unconditionally protects, comforts, and loves its owner. Not all dogs are the same. These are the top dog breeds according to popularity, health, and personality. We all know how adorable dogs can be and how much they are fun to play with. However, they also often eat a lot, poop, and get into all sorts of trouble. They can be expensive and take a lot of attention. A dog is like a child. You have to look after another person. While this can be a huge responsibility, there are many perks. Consider these benefits if you’re thinking of adopting a dog. We have listed some of the most famous pet dog breeds and their origins.

Labrador Retriever

The Lab is the number one pet dog breed for the 30th consecutive year. Why not? All families love the American poodle. It is intelligent, loving, family-friendly, and a great breed. They are gentle and friendly and excel in search-and-resolution and guide dog roles.

Fun Fact: Led Zeppelin’s song “Black Dog,” which was written about a discovered lab, was named after.


The Maltese dog is one of the oldest toy breeds. They were initially bred to love their owners and be sweet. The Greeks even built tombs for their Maltese dogs. Elizabethan times saw them being called “The Comforter,” as it was believed that they could alleviate pain and cure illnesses.

Fun Fact: Maltese canines are extremely hypoallergenic with silky, non-shedding coats.

These dogs can be adapted to apartment living due to their small size.

French Bulldogs

To understand why the French Bulldog has enjoyed such immense popularity, you must look at their happy, smiling faces. French Bulldogs are great dogs for apartment living. They have a variety of personalities. Sometimes they want to run and play, and others just want to be loved and walk around. French Bulldogs thrive on human attention and contact. They are not suited to be left alone for long periods.

Ironically, French Bulldogs are English dogs.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a true dog lover’s companion. It is intelligent and hardworking. The German Shepherd enjoys outdoor activities and requires a lot of mental and physical stimulation to perform at its best. In addition, German Shepherds have a calm and confident demeanor, making them a great choice for helping the police and military.

Fun Fact: Only three dogs are on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Two of them are German Shepherds (Rin Tin Tin or Strongheart).

Golden Retriever

Goldens make great companion dogs. They are loyal, sweet, and love to be with you. They would rather sleep at your feet than run around outside.

They are also calm and gentle with children. Because of their gentle and compassionate nature, goldens are great comfort dogs and service dogs.

Fun Fact: They were also bred to retrieve foul fowls for hunters.


Bulldogs have a beautiful, wrinkly appearance and a very lovable disposition. They are great companions and can be calmer than other popular breeds. Bulldogs are adaptable and docile and don’t need to exercise much. These laid back dogs love to relax at home with their owners.

Fun Fact: After World War I, the Marine Corps adopted the Bulldog as its mascot.


Dog shows are a common venue for Poodles. Poodles are known for their elegant appearance, but their charming personalities are just as captivating as their looks. Although they can be reserved, socialization with puppies can help them become more confident. Poodles are smart, friendly, willing to please and easy to train. There are three types of Poodles: Standard, Miniature and Toy. They can adapt to all lifestyles. Fun Fact Dogs protect their homes and family members and can be aggressive towards strangers or other dogs.


This breed is also free from inherited health issues and has an even temperament which is great for small children and families.

Beagles are used at airports by law enforcement to check baggage for prohibited items due to their intelligence. In addition, beagles are friendly and easy to handle.

Beagles are often abandoned or surrendered to the pound because their owners can’t bear their howling. However, you can control excessive barking by first training your dog.


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